How Clients View Your Personal Telloe Profile

Written by Roo Wright
Updated 2 years ago

To book meetings with you, clients will need your link to your profile page. This can be found in the upper left hand corner of your Telloe dashboard.

1. Your profile username is visible under your contact name in the top-left of the Telloe dashboard. Simply add before the @ symbol and give this to clients.

In this case, the Telloe profile page will be

If you wish to edit this link, navigate to the Telloe dashboard.

2. Click on your account name - this will take you to your profile settings.

3. Input a unique username for your profile page URL - Note: special characters are not allowed.

4. Press the blue "Save" button to update your username.

To view the events visible on your profile page, navigate to your Telloe dashboard.

5. Click "Event Types"

6. Under "Event Types", click the blue "Copy Link" button to view your profile

7. Every event visible on this page will be visible on your profile page

To add more event types to your profile follow Create Event Types.

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