Creating A Video Message

Learn how to create a video message in Telloe's feature rich video sequencer and contact tools
Written by Roo Wright
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To create strong engagement with contacts, Telloe's Video Message system allows you to create video messages and send them to contacts where they can give you feedback.

Follow the steps below to create your very own video message:

  1. Click on Video Messages under Communication on your Telloe Dashboard
  2. Click Add New in the pink box, or click the blue Create Video button in the top right corner of your screen
  3. Enter your video's details:
    Title: The name of your video which can be seen by contacts who view the video.
    Description: The description of your video tells contacts about your video.
    Initial message: The default message sent to recipients of your video. This message will be sent in the video's own chat box where you can receive comments from contacts. You can also attach files by clicking the paperclip icon. To send your message you must click the airplane icon after typing your initial message.
    Event type: You can choose your existing event types in Telloe or insert the link from another booking platform by clicking "Set custom booking URL". This is the event type you want contacts who receive this video to book with you. You can create a new event type here.
    Contact: The contact you want to send your video to when the video is published. Don't worry, you can send your video to other people too!
  4. To add clips to your video message, click the plus button in the timeline, or click Add Video
  5. This will open a section where you can select your desired media, or record new media to add right in to your video message.
    Camera: Use your camera to record a face to face video where you can directly address contacts. You will be asked by your browser to select your desired camera input.

    Screen Recording: Record your screen or a specific window to show contacts what you need them to see. You will be asked by your browser to select your desired screen or window input.

    Screen & Camera Recording: Record your screen with your face overlaying it. You will be asked by your browser to select your desired camera and screen input.

    Media Library: Select videos and images from your library to use in your video. Your library holds all your previously recorded clips and also allows you to upload new files.

    Upload clips saved to your device by clicking the Upload button or select multiple of your previously saved clips by clicking them. Once you've selected your desired clips, click the blue  Add To Sequence button.
  6. Reorder clips in the timeline by holding your left mouse button over the desired clip and move it to your desired position. Press the play button to preview your video message before publishing it. Once you click the blue Publish button in the top right, your video will be processed and added to your Video Messages List.

  7. To share your video to more contacts, click the share button and click either "Copy video link" or "Copy video for email"
    Copy video link: Copies the link to your video, when you send this to a contact, they will see a preview of your video which they can click on to view the full video.

    Copy video for email: Copies a GIF preview of your video which when clicked, sends your contact to your video.
  8. If you copy your video link and paste it in the search bar of your browser or click on the title of your video, you can see you can see your video and the comments your contacts make. This is also what contacts who receive this video will see when they click on the link.

    Here, contacts can like, dislike and make comments on your video. You can see a live count of these features in your Video Message dashboard.

With Telloe's feature-rich Video Message system, you can send videos to contacts and receive helpful feedback you can use to improve your connections.

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