Updating Your Profile Settings

Written by Roo Wright
Updated 2 years ago

To begin, navigate to your Telloe dashboard.

1. Click on your account name - this will take you to your profile settings.

You will now see your Telloe profile settings. To edit each field simply change the desired details and press the blue "Save" button.

1. Profile picture - this is the image people will see when they look at your profile.

2. Username - this is the username used in your profile page url. This can be changed at any time.

3. First Name - If you need to change your first name you can edit this field here.

4. Last Name - If you need to change your last name you can edit this field here.

5. Email - Here you can change the email displayed on your profile for contacts.

6.  Timezone - Here you can change your timezone for meetings and other arrangements - this impacts how you use Telloe so make sure it's correct.

7. Mobile Number - This is the phone number shown to contacts to contact you with

8. Save your changes to your profile

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