Making Your First Booking

Written by Roo Wright
Updated 2 years ago

To arrange a meeting with someone, navigate to their Telloe profile at - replace username with their username.

Choose your desired event. In this sample, this profile only offers a 60-minute call.

Then, select your timezone in the left panel and choose a time to meet. Use the date selector in the top right of the screen to view more available dates.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the blue "Continue button"

Choose from the meeting types - this is set by the meeting leader - then press the blue "Continue" button.

Enter your details, either as a guest - an account will not be created but will allow you to book the meeting - or login to an existing account.

At the right-hand side, you can enter the email addresses of additional guests.

If everything goes well your booking will be confirmed and an email will be sent with details.

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