Making A Booking

Written by Roo Wright
Updated 1 month ago

To begin making a booking, navigate to your Telloe dashboard.

1. Click Calendar.

2. Click on the date you wish to make a booking on - if you can't see your desired date, don't worry, pick a random date, we'll address this soon.

1. Use the arrows to navigate forwards or backwards in time to book your meeting on your desired date.

2. Right click a time slot and click Create booking.

1. Choose your desired Event Type from the dropdown.

2. Change the date if you haven't already.

3. Select a time.

4. Select your timezone from the drop down.

5. Enter your desired guests.

6. Choose your desired meeting type from the drop down.

7. If you wish to make a recurring booking, check the Recurring checkbox and select the days of the week (or month) which you want to recurringly meet on and enter the date you wish for the arrangement to end.

8. Add notes to your booking - what are you going to discuss?

9. Click Add Booking.

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