Bespoke Meetings

Written by Roo Wright
Updated 1 month ago

To begin creating a bespoke meeting, navigate to your Telloe dashboard.

1. Click Bespoke.

2. Click Add New.

1. Enter a name for your meeting.

2. Enter all contacts you want involved - these can be in your contacts or an email - invites via email will request contacts to either sign up or login.

3. Enter a meeting duration.

4. Select your available times.

5. Press the blue "Save" button.

1. Press Show Details.

1. Edit your availabilities.

2. Send an email to every contact to invite them.

3. Delete the bespoke meeting.

To accept a bespoke meeting invite, navigate to your invitation email which looks like this and click "View Booking Link":

If you don't have an account, signup to Telloe and access your meeting.

Select your available times using the checkboxes and communicate using the chat widget in the bottom right.

Other meeting member's availabilities will be shown with an underline.

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